Residential Solar Panels in South Jersey

We provide premium solar energy systems to homeowners who can afford to buy them outright. If you are a homeowner with good credit, taking out a loan is better than leasing because you own your system once you pay it off. We do not lease our products.

You might end up paying more than if you leased your panels but will eventually pay off the loan and own your system. This will add more value to your home and allow you to take advantage of tax incentives that will help you pay the loan.

our approach

We will work with you to decide if solar energy is right for you. If we believe that you will reap the benefits of going solar, you will receive a quote that gives a detailed explanation of your system, the cost, and your financing options.

We look forward to making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly!

Commercial Solar Panels in South Jersey

If your business is going to make an investment in solar energy, why lease the system? It’s in the best interest of your bottom line to own your solar power system. When you buy the system outright, you get to benefit from the reduced electric bill without having the monthly lease payment hanging over your head.

Without buying your system, you also miss out on cutting 30% of the cost from your taxes and increasing the value of your building. In fact, leasing could actually lower the value because the new owner would need to take over the lease.


If solar energy is right for you, our team will put together a plan that will save your business the most money possible. You’ll then be in a position to use your new system as a public relations opportunity to improve perception of your company.

Find out how much you could save with our savings calculator!

Solar Panel Installation & Energy Storage in South Jersey

We offer installation performed by a third party at no extra cost. The process will take about two days. They will either be installed on your roof or on the ground next to your house, depending on what makes the most sense for optimal energy creation.

We also offer storage systems if you’d like to store the energy your solar panels create. These systems and the panels are covered by our 10-year workmanship warranty. Each supplier has their own warranty, and we offer 3rd-party warranties as well.